Best car insurance providers for female drivers

In this day and age the myth that women are not the best drivers on the road has truly slipped into obscurity as year-on-year statistics show that they are safer of the two sexes behind the wheel.

Unfortunately this is not always reflected in insurance premiums with some companies slow to react to the reality of the situation. Segments of the insurance industry have responded to this exemplarily shows of four-wheeled finesse with a range of products driven specifically at women drivers. There are even companies that specialize solely in female drivers, allowing you to realise some truly stunning savings on your annual insurance. Read our guide then hop online for some great car insurance quotes.

Third party of fully comprehensive

In the past ensuring your car but only third-party claims was a sure-fire way to quick savings. This has all changed over the last few years and now a fully comprehensive policy can be at times even cheaper than a third party one. Look for additional perks such as free breakdown cover, courtesy cars in the event of an accident and legal insurance to complete your insurance requirements.

Named drivers.

Its counterintuitive but adding a second driver to your insurance can actually cut costs, even if they only used car occasionally. For this to work they have to be in a lower risk category and its not a sure-fire way to savings but it’s worth investigating.

Direct debit of a lump sum?

While spreading your car insurance payments by direct debit is a great tool for managing your monthly outgoings it will cost you more. Some companies may not make additional charges for direct debit payments, but others will offer a substantial discount for lump sum payments offering another opportunity to slash your annual premium.

No claims protection.

Building up a healthy no claims discount is the best way of achieving reductions in your annual premium. A no claims discount is based on the record of your driving history and whether you have made any claims. The longer that you hold a policy without claiming the greater your no claims discount. At its maximum level it’s also known as rating one. This discount is applied to allow the experienced driver, who is less of a risk to gain cheaper insurance.

Protected no claims bonuses

As previously discussed a no claims bonus is your best route to achieve to considerable reduction in your annual premium, so everything should be done to ensure it’s safe. Thankfully, company’s offer protected no claims discounts, meaning that in the event of a claim your discount will not be reduced. While this can increase the cost of your policy slightly it’s worth considering, as year in year out your no claims discount will save you money.

All these strategies offer effective and well-tested routes to save you money. Like many products and services the insurance contains lots of healthy competition so be sure to seek out the best deals.

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