Business Van Insurance

Any vehicle that drives on the roads in the UK is required to have insurance. If you drive a van it is important to distinguish whether you need domestic or business van insurance.
There are three types of van insurances recognized by law in the UK. These are third party fire and theft, third party, and fully comprehensive insurance.
Third party is the legal minimum required and covers liability for injury to others and property damage. It also covers liabilities when the van is towing a trailer or a caravan.
A third party fire and theft insurance policy covers as per third party but with the additional benefit of protection for theft, damage from theft and fire.
The third type of insurance cover, the comprehensive policy, covers the van for everything in the third party fire and theft but adds in windscreen breakages, medical expenses and personal effects among others, plus any others specific to certain policies/insurers. For example, some insurers might provide legal expenses cover or a replacement vehicle for when the insured van is off the road.
For insurance purposes in the UK, a van is a vehicle that weighs up to 3.5 tons.
As with all insurances there are various exclusions. It is prudent to read the van insurance policy thoroughly. This is particularly relevant for any offer promising the cheapest deal. It is important to ensure you are getting the cover you need as well as a good price deal. If you want windshield cover, cheap deals may not provide it. Some van insurance providers offer policies that include European trips, van rescue services, van hire services and legal expenses to help settle claims among others. Just like other insurance, no claims bonuses are a factor.
Another factor to consider when taking up a business van insurance cover is the excess fee.
The excess fee is the amount of money that ones contributes to any claims made. Cheap insurance tends to have high excesses while expensive insurance covers obviously have lower. It is a case of balancing the risk of having to pay out a high excess in the event of a claim against reduced annual premiums.
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